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Sunday, October 30, 2011

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I hear there was 12 inches of snow in the western part of the state last night. Here in Boston we got maybe an inch and a half, but its still amazing to see snow on the ground while the leaves are still on the trees. The news was full of alarmists the past couple days claiming "This is just a taste of whats to come, we are in for a bad winter this year". I love how a snow storm seems to give your average citizen a degree in meteorology.  How come when e get a 65 degree day in December you don't hear people saying "Oh yeah winter is DONE!, break out the shorts because we are in for these temps from here on out".  I'm sure there were plenty of people stocking up on salt and shovels yesterday as well. Anyway, here are a couple shots to keep us in the fall spirit whether you live on the coast or inland. The top photo was taken outside Stowe Vermont while the Seagulls flying over the wall as taken at "The Wall" in Hampton, New Hampshire. We still have some time before winter hits us with all its fury. Personally I'm looking forward to it.