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Friday, October 14, 2011

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Fall is here, well at least it is if you leave the city. A couple years ago I thought to myself what has happened to fall? Does foliage no longer exist, could global warming be the cause of this? Then I realized fall does not happen in the city. Yeah the tress change color...... slightly, but by the time they change color the leaves fall two days later. If you don't believe me take a ride down Soldiers Field Road in Brighton between Late September and mid October.  To truly embrace fall us city dwellers must voyage beyond the confines of even as far out as Newton, Quincy, or Revere.  Taking a ride out to the Stow area you can get some good foliage as well as good old fashioned fall activities. However, as any good New Englander knows, to really soak in what it mean to be in the upper right hand corner of the United States during October, you have to head to New Hampshire or Vermont (where the above photo was taken).  So to anyone reading this from Boston take a ride up north and get in the spirit.  Fall is a fleeting season and before you realize it we will be in the dead days between foliage and snow.