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Friday, April 15, 2011

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Even on days when the surf is small you will find people in the water. I believe that surfers in New England are some of the most dedicated surfers on the planet. Its easy to wade into 75+ degree waves with head high sets while the temperature hovers around 80 degrees. It takes something special to squeeze into a quarter inch of neoprene and enter 38 degree water while the air is in the 20s. I'm not one of the people who brag about how they surf in freezing temperatures because in reality its really  not that cold if you have the right mindset.  I am saying, however, its not what most people imagine a day at the beach to be and a far cry from the tan bodies and bleach blond hair typically associated with surfing.  That being said it is nice to see the water temperatures are creeping back into the 40s.