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Friday, July 22, 2011

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The heat wave is officially on. It was about 100 degrees today and I spent the first half driving to New Hampshire to pick up a canoe. I am very excited about the canoe and hope to take it out for a spin on the Charles River this evening. The temperature though is only supposed to get into the mid 80 with INCREASING humidity by about 11pm so i will be hot canoe ride if it happens. I'm all for it but the second half of "team canoe" seems apprehensive about the heat, I say soak it up while we have it, worst case we take a plunge into the river and hope to avoid a rash and or infectious disease and considering we were swimming in a city pool with about 100 other people earlier today I assume onee of us already has one.  By midnight the humidity is forecasted to be in the 70% range so I assume not mush sleep will be happening tonight as I refuse to use air conditioning in my house. For all of your who are fed up with this heat I say think about what its going to be like on January 22nd and be grateful for today.  Oh yeah these photos were taken in Marblehead on my walk to Goldwaith Beach.  I bet those flowers do not look so vibrant today!