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Monday, February 21, 2011

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I had a conversation with a person to be named later this morning and was told I need to add more content in the way of words to this blog. Now I'm no writer nor am I arrogant enough to believe any of you actually care what I have to say. However, in an attempt to for once in my life take someone else's advice I will begin to write a little more about each photo. The ironic thing is I am drawn to lie to you and tell you this is a shot from the NH coast considering this entire blog is dedicated to New England. But I will not. To keep consistent to my love for New England I will tell you a negative aspect of this beach located on Long Island, while at the same time give you a reason to love the 60 degree waters of New England.  This was taken in late August when the water is at its peak temperature on Long Island. At first its so nice, you walk into the 75 degree water and its like you are 7 years old again swimming, splashing and staying in as long as you like. However, upon leaving you will begin to itch, then you will sit down on your towel to have your girlfriend ask "what are all the red marks covering your chest and back" You will have no idea but will begin to itch more and more, eventually you will make your way to the waters edge to realize you were swimming amongst 100s of jellyfish! And thats why you should love the cool waters of New England.